Sunday, October 16, 2016

Principals talk with Deremiah *CPE because he Listens

Given the frustrating challenges your students are facing on a daily basis you
can't afford to do anything less than be concerned.

Newsweek just came out with a gripping story about Colorado Springs teenagers
and what their facing.

The sad truth is most of the principals I talk to want to do the right thing...but few of
them remember what it was like being a kid. 

And even if you wouldn't matter. 

Because what students deal with today...far out weighs anything 
you or I've ever seen as kids. 

I know because I've spent a great deal of my life working with educators, 
superintendents, principals, directors, teachers and students just like yours...

Guiding them on to their next
Best move after working with them only an hour a week. 

And they all pretty much say the same thing...

"Students are having trouble paying attention and keeping their Focus." 

Well just think about it...when you were a kid they only had a few choices 
for television and now they've got hundreds.

There were only a few radio stations...and now they've got podcasting out the wa-zoo and BlogTalk Radio too. 

Remember we had no cell cell phone notifications from Facebook...or 
Twitter...Youtube or Snapchat. No emails...and definitely 
No Instagram or World Star.

So are you starting to see the picture? 

or do I need to post up some pictures from my cellphone or upload 
you a video to youtube?

I betcha don't remember doing any of that as a kid.

When I left corporate America to work closer with was the 
first time I heard of ADD & ADHD and now they say we all 
are affected by attention deficit. 

Can you hear me now?...

and when would you like to talk about what I've learned these past
Fourteen years on how to get and keep your kids attention?

Wouldn't you like to know the discovery's I found?

...hanging out with kids before
   they went to school.

...teaching them during school hours

...eating lunch with students at lunch time

...tutoring students in every subject during study time after school

...eating dinner with them every night

And then spending valuable time with them in the evening...during recreation time...

Many Educators think the following would be Impossible for anyone to do but...

I'll be happy to share with you how I consolidated 16 years 
of research...down into 8 years...and the valuable lessons you can learn from that

Including the lesson plans and
time sheets that I share as proof that it did happen.

And I did all of this...back when I worked up close and personal with students in
their classrooms...and then after school helping them with their homework some 80 hours a week.

There were many details that needed to take place in order to tweak
these ideas I'm gonna share with you.

I'll even break them down into systems and processes for you...
if you'd like...the kind that will really matter to your students today.

Then out of no where...

I received an International Award for Lifetime Achievement from 
Nightingale Conant...the pioneers of professional and personal self development 
training...started by two master teachers...Earl Nightingale and Lloyd Conant.

They've been changing peoples lives for well over half a Century.

They were watching what I was doing and were amazed by the impact I was having
with children and students.  

And to my surprise...when I received the "Educator" award...which is the highest 
award given by the historic American Red Cross, for the successful work I did as an 
Educator of was the first time they had ever given this award in their 124 year

Now don't get confused here...

I'm in no way bragging...because bragging isn't where your
students lives are going to be changed...

That's right...I said "changed" because that's what's
going to happen...when we start working together.

I mention these things because when you're choosing an effective speaker...

you want to know that you've picked
someone who can properly work with your students.

someone more than qualified...who can instantly see the problems your
students are having and make the adjustment right on stage or in the classroom.

You want to be sure that your speaker is not going to be speaking over
your students head...or talking at a level they can't understand.

You want to be clear that your speaker has actually spent time in the classroom...
working in the trenches with students versus sitting in a library somewhere...reading
books about kids.

I can assure you...I'm just like you. I've had tens of thousands of teaching interactions
with K-12 students over the decades.

Furthermore it makes a powerful difference...

because if you had to choose a
school'd want to choose someone other school principals have already
had a great experience with...confided in and received help from repeatedly...over and
over again...sometimes for guidance and other times for advice.

Finally, I'll be happy to share with you the secrets learned along the way and even 
the insights gained...that I'll hear no where else.

Sooo now that you know that I'm listening...can we talk? There's a contact form to your immediate right below the Les Brown video for you to contact me right now.